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Akane Kowata
Akane Kowata
Personal Info
Kanji 木幡茜
Romaji Kowata Akane
Age 21
Gender Female
Birthday May 1
Bloodtype A
Height 170 cm (5'7")
Hair color White
Eye color Green
Relatives Makoto's Mother (mother)

Makoto's Father (father)
Makoto Kowata (younger sister)
Keiji Kuramoto (uncle)
Nana Kuramoto (aunt)
Kei Kuramoto (cousin)
Chinatsu Kuramoto (cousin)

Manga Chapter 6
Voice actor Kana Aoi

Akane Kowata (木幡 茜, Kowata Akane) is a full-fledged witch of immense talent and the older sister of Makoto Kowata.


Akane face01.png

Akane is a light brown-skinned girl with light grey hair that reaches shortly below her shoulders and green eyes.

He eyes and expressions bears a resemblance to Makoto Kowata.


Akane is a kind and outspoken young woman who radiates an air of casual carefreeness while taking on a mentor position to some of the characters.

When around, she occupies all possible napping spots around the Kuramoto house and sometimes teaches and performs bizarre and possibly troublesome magic acts, because of personal interest or because she finds it amusing.


Makoto Kowata, Keiji Kuramoto, Nana Kuramoto, Kei Kuramoto & Chinatsu Kuramoto[]

Akane loves her sister and other family very much that she goes out of her way to frequently visit her and Chinatsu is her student.


Inukai is Akane's good friend and drinking buddy.


Kenny is Akane's cat and familiar who frequently acts very cat-like herself, in her expression and habits.


  • The name Akane means "deep red, dye from the rubia plant" (茜).
  • Akane's surname Kowata means "tree, wood" (木) (ko) and "flag" (幡) (hata/wata).


  • When Akane is not visiting, she is traveling the wide world where she is sometimes shown on her travels.