Nao Ishiwatari
Nao Ishiwatari
Personal Info
Kanji 石渡なお
Romaji Ishiwatari Nao
Age 15
Gender Female
Hair color Auburn
Eye color Brown
Seiyuu Shiori Mikami

Nao Ishiwatari is the childhood friend of Kei, and she is Makoto's classmate. Her parents also own a liquor store- which she is seen working at. Nao likes being single, without any guys to annoy her. She really admires Makoto, and even thinks Kei and Makoto would make a great couple, despite being related.


Nao is kind but sometimes self-judging. She is often classified as 'Kei's girlfriend' by Akane but is shown to have feelings for The Harbringer of Summer (when he's in his human form).

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